j (crackedxhalo) wrote,

a little more than four years

i'm still finishing up math.. (when I could have taken AP back in high school)
:::high school:: I don't need calculus, i'll never use it and it's too hard, i'll take stats instead
::college 1st year:: I'm doing international relations I don't need math yay!
::end of 1st year:: Well I'm premed now, I just need to take precalc again, then I can take an easier form of calculus.
::college end of 2nd year:: okay fine i'll 1st quarter of calculus, can't be that bad, then I'll just need one more quarter of the easy one.
::college after my time off:: since i'm back i might as well change to a harder major.. fuck, well, looks like i've gotta finish calculus.

ryan is still in the closet to his family. i saw him this weekend. nothing had changed. except for me.

i joined the greek system just like the other four who came up here at the same time. albeit, it's a gay frat..

i'm still working towards medical school.

i apparently am going to live the early portion of my life in the manner that i play my video games. get close to the end, get side tracked by side quests, gain the optional characters and items, forget the main storyline and characters, but realize that i rather enjoyed the portion that i had done and would like to finish it. after these finals i only have a year until i am finally done. and it's just the main points left, but i'm making it along this time with the treasure i knew i ultimately needed. that glorious letter of recommendation.. whole clinic, 6 doctors. took some work, but i'm finally ready now. i've got my eyes set.

my parents are still who they are and always will be. i am their production and the production of all those who helped me.

john finally found his girl.

i'm still getting injured/sick at the most inconvenient times. this time it was my finger.

i'm still lucky.. and incredibly grateful.

i have my girl who takes care of me, and without her i'd be lost.

i finally like who i am, and i know i will be great.

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