j (crackedxhalo) wrote,

so, in an effort to make some friends and connect with this whole gay community that i'm inevitably part of, i've decided to rush for the progressive men's (mostly gay) fraternity on campus. they don't have a house, which works for me, and the guys are pretty close, interesting, and have the common theme of going to college.

gives me a chance to meet some new people, network, and have the chance to do volunteer projects that will be available without me having to try and find them on my own. i'm kind of equating it to when i joined football my last year of high school (although I have a bit more of that for college), when i figured i'd regret it if i didn't do it.

so, here i go, a new gay joe. i'm somewhat disappointed i didn't decide to join them sooner, but i figure i wasn't ready to be myself prior to now. hence, the reason i dated ryan and thought that was okay.

tonight we are playing capture the flag. i figure i'll be an asset, because i'm somewhat of a badass runner now.

on a side note: microbiology is a bitch and i don't particularly care for it. but i've figured out my trick for making me want to study. learn the structures and the workings of bacteria/viruses so that i can DESTROY them. Antibiotics are amazing, they destroy the bane of my quarter.

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