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So, I scheduled tomorrow off of work, and because of how work was on Friday, I didn't want to go today, so.. I'm sick.. *cough*. I love paid sick time. Now, I'm at a coffee shop, enjoying an iced americano and a bagel. With a MASSIVE amount of cream cheese. The cream cheese to bagel ratio in this case was ridiculous. I had enough cream cheese for three bagels.. and of course I used it all. It's fucking delicious.

I weight myself last week and I was 172. That's down from 255 last year. It took about a 1.5 years to lose the weight, but it feels good. And it's nice to be checked out consistently. I'd say I was much more discriminated against for being fat in Seattle than being gay, a nice change from Boise. Actually the most discrimination I've felt in Seattle is for smoking cigarettes. Not that I give a shit, but people are whiny and up their own asses about it. I mean, it's a horrible, poisoning habit and I probably shouldn't, but hey, only live once right? Haha, I have terrible logic, but honestly, I believe that the companies against smoking have done a great job informing me. I took that information and as a conscious independently minded adult I made my decision. Plus, menthols are kinda delicious.

Now, I'm going to get my books for my medical ethics class and then go talk to my PCP about my very possible ADD. Off I go!

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