j (crackedxhalo) wrote,

I had my first date in 3 months. I guess that's not an incredibly long time or anything, but I guess it was nice to actually have someone worth my night. He was cute, smart, engaging, generous, etc. We cooked dinner at his place, which was romantic. Then we played Spore, on the pc, for 4 hours... which was actually kinda fantastic. It brought me back to my computer nerd roots. If there's any part of me I ever kept in the closet, it's my inner nerd.. not that it ever worked that well, but it's a nice revert from who I have become.

Some days though, going over to boys places who have so much more money than me, I often wonder how I'm able to converse with them. I often feel that I should just be like my family, lacking the ability to interact with those who might get them out of the endless holes of mediocrity that they've dug themselves into.

I shouldn't have such distain for their livestyles, especially if their happy, but I can't become that way. I feel like I've finally woken up from the deep slumber of this past year.

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